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Family Owned and Operated Broker Specialist & Plan Advisor
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About Me

What I Bring to the Table

Mrs. Simone “Shanthi” Brown

Broker Specialist & Plan Advisor


Licensed States: AL, AR, CA, CO, GA, ME, MI, NC, NJ, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, WA, WI, WV

Beginning with a G.E.D, I began slowly re-building my goals. I decided to be in the realm of healthcare, not sure which sector, but I knew I wanted to help people. I needed to further my education to be able to do this effectively. This will consist of using soft skills with an emphasis on people first approach.

I then acquired an Associate Degree from Bryant & Stratton College in Healthcare Administration. As my career began, I started working in medical office settings for many years and that’s when I observed people not understanding what their insurance did for them or if the plan was even the right choice based on how often they would use health insurance. To enhance my knowledge of healthcare terminology and the delivery of healthcare in the 21st century, I went back to college acquiring a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences at State University of New York at Buffalo, so that I would be able to articulate healthcare verbiage and make it applicable to one’s personal circumstances. I stay abreast on current events regarding healthcare laws.

This is my craft, and I would love to help you. I am contracted, certified, licensed and appointed with various carriers, that will have the right solution for you, that will be cost effective and designed to secure and protect your family finances against catastrophic events that we don’t see coming. I am tenacious, knowledgeable, informative, empathetic, and eager to help you learn and navigate the complexities of healthcare. I will take an analysis on your healthcare needs which will provide insight into the right solution. I have always had an innate desire to help others. I am an extrovert and have a highly sensitive personality (HSP), which means I can connect with my clients and meet them where they are and provide the service that they need.

I can recommend solutions amongst a broad range of products. We will eliminate plans that cannot be considered, established per our conversation & highlight the most recommended plan(s) based on your healthcare goals. And my goals are to provide you flawless solutions w/remarkable service with each interactions and assist you in finding viable healthcare solutions.

Let’s discuss all solutions that will provide you a full circle of coverage. These products are designed to reduce out of pocket exposures not typically covered by your healthcare plan. Such things as your maximum out of pocket costs as a result of an injury, illness or accident or your deductible which must be paid out of your own pocket before the carrier will pay. I will analyze your healthcare needs, which will provide insight into the right solution. It’s that simple.

I love talking with people of diverse backgrounds and giving them a humanistic approach without being robotic. I personalize our conversation to meet you where you are. Healthcare is very complex to most consumers seeking coverage. I can help you and your family compare all of your options year-round. Ask me for more details!

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