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Family Owned and Operated Broker Specialist & Plan Advisor

Healthcare products come in a variety of plan options:

Eye Health Insurance


Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Dental Health Insurance


Life Insurance

Life Insurance

(guaranteed issued)

Health Insurance

Health Sharing Ministry

(501-C Not-For-Profit)

Hospital Insurance

Hospital Indemnity

Accidental Insurance

Accidental, Critical Illness diagnoses

(guaranteed issued regardless of previous diagnoses)

Health Insurance Guaranteed

Guaranteed Issued short term medical plans

(issued regardless of pre-existing conditions. No matter your health status)

Student Immigration Travel Package

Student and Immigrational Travel Packages, etc.

I work with Assurity Life Insurance, United Healthcare, Aetna, Empire BCBS, Anthem BCBS, Highmark, SureMed, Capital Blue, Cigna, Molina, Friday, Oscar, Amerihealth, Keiser and all other major carriers!

You have options!

I can design plans according to how often you use healthcare services, your ability to pay a monthly premium vs. out-of-pocket costs, such as copays, coinsurance and deductibles, which is the level of financial risk you are willing to take on if you had an emergency, accident, sudden illness or injury occur. Therefore, we simply bundle with supportive products. Out of pocket exposure come in the form of deductibles, coinsurance and maximum out of pocket amounts.

These products will help you pay those large bill amounts along with everyday expenses like mortgage/rent, utilities, childcare, lost income from missed work based on your chosen benefit amount. The monies will pay directly to you to use however you see fit. Let me show you how to protect your assests from any out-of-pocket exposure an emergency, accident, illness, or injury would subject you to.

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