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Want a Short-Term Medical plan instead?

These are limited duration plans. These plans are offered year-round! They are designed to be used in the interim of life’s transitions.
Are you between jobs, turned age 26, new employer has a 30-60 day waiting period for enrollment?
Waiting for Medicare?
Then STM plans are designed to fit those who are looking for short term coverage in case of an injury or illness after the effective date of coverage.

  • Coverage will become effective the next day
  • Choose your duration. From 30 days up to 3 years (depending on state variations).
  • Access to Preventive care, Dr. Office visits & Prescription coverage.
  • Predictable premium(s) you can count on.
  • These plans bundle well with an optional supplemental insurance product to protect you from high out of pocket expenses resulting from illnesses, accidents, or injuries.
short term medical plan

*These plans are not ACA compliant.
They do not cover pre-existing conditions, subject to terms and conditions.

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